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The diapers, wet wipes for newborns and infants in the first months of life. The first two sizes of diapers (0 - Before Newborn and 1 - Newborn) have a notch for a stump, so the diaper do not irritate sensitive areas.
The comprehensive set of products for older infants. The diapers are designed for older children who begin to rotare, crawl on all fours and sit down independently.
The set of products Bella Baby Happy intended for children who are beginning to take their first steps. All diapers has a unique design - 360° comfort system what gives children the freedom to move.

Pregnancy week by week

Find out how you will change every week …

Guide Happy parents

Diaper change

The first diaper change can be very stressful for inexperienced parents. Here you will find some rules worth following and can make the moments on a changing table enjoyable to both of you.

No chafing - how to protect a newborn’s delicate skin

Have you noticed any red sore spots on your baby’s skin? This could be a sign of skin irritation, which shouldn’t be ignored.

Happy Baby

The Happy Baby application is a personal diary for every parent, to be used during pregnancy and after childbirth.


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